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    • Detailed introduction
    1.Basic parameters of tank chain
    Inner height * Inner width: 10 * 10
    Outside height * outside width: 13.5 * 13.5
    Bending radius: 18/28/38
    Opening method: Bridge type cannot be opened
    Joint: Miter joint
    2. How to buy a towline, is one meter?
    Answer: Towline is an assembled towline, which can be disassembled and assembled freely. The length of one is assembled according to the actual length of use. But its unit price is calculated in meters. You can communicate with our customer service staff before buying, and then take pictures on the Internet in units of meters. When we ship, we will assemble and ship according to your requirements.
    3. What does R above you represent and how to choose this?
    Answer: R is the bending radius of the energy chain. It depends on the installation space. If you choose 30 * 100 bridge type energy chain and the installation space is 300, then R = (300-45) /2=127.5. You can choose a radius similar to this here: 125, [R = (installation space—outer height) / 2]
    4. Is the larger the bending radius the better?
    Answer: No, the most important thing to see the quality of an energy chain is the structure and material of the energy chain. The bending radius is only related to the installation space.
    5. How to calculate the length of the energy chain?
    Answer: Use length = R + 0.5R + stroke / 2. If you choose 300 * 100R125 towline and the stroke is 200, you need to buy: 125 + 0.5 * 125 + 200/2 = 287.5mm long towline
    6. What is the drag link?
    Answer: Reinforced towlinks are square joints, one towline is equipped with a set of inner and outer joints.
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