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    • Detailed introduction
    Brand: QH Qunhui model: QH Qunhui
    style: Cylindrical telescopic shield Stretched length: Standard (mm)
    Compressed length: Standard (mm) Stroke length: Standard (mm)
    Overall hood width: Standard (mm) Shield inner width: Standard (mm)
    Height inside shield: Standard (mm) Protected parts: Lead screw
    Applicable machine tools: Okay Whether inventory: Yes
    The material of the cylindrical protective cover for the elevator: three-proof cloth, matte cloth, high temperature resistant cloth, special cloth, rubber cloth, special cloth, flame retardant cloth, asbestos cloth, etc., can be customized according to needs.
    Product features : The principle of the round protective cover and the lead screw protective cover for the lifting platform is the same, but because of its large diameter, the traveller needs to be fixed to prevent slippage. The connection method is generally a flange because it is heavier than ordinary round covers and needs to be fixed with screws.
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