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    • Detailed introduction
    Flexible organ protective cover has the characteristics of no fear of stepping, no deformation due to impact of hard objects, long life, good sealing and light operation. The shield has a long stroke, small compression, and a length ratio of 1:10. This folding shield is the most advanced form, which can make up for various problems that cannot be solved by the shield.
    This type of shroud occupies a leading position in the world. This product uses special materials, which are resistant to coolant, oil-proof, grinding wheel foam, iron shawl, etc .; the shield has the advantages of long stroke and small compression; the bellows speed of the shield can reach 200m / min; there is no metal in the shield Parts, there is no need to worry about the parts loosening during the work of the shield and causing serious damage to the machine. With the continuous improvement of mechanical equipment, the requirements of the protection system have also increased accordingly, especially the use of servo motors has made the speed of processing machinery higher and higher, sometimes up to 200m / min, which requires pull-resistant but light-weight materials. Protection.
    In addition, flexible organ-type protective covers are increasingly used in medicine, measurement, automatic control, and food technology. These industries require protective covers to be dust-proof and non-toxic to food.
    Production Process
    The basic part of the organ-type protective cover is a PVC skeleton supporting and stabilizing in each hinge. This skeleton can be closely connected with the external hinge material through different processing methods.
    One is thermal bonding. At a certain temperature, with the help of special flux, the inner PVC skeleton can be firmly bonded with the outer hinge. This method can be used if the shield is used in a medium temperature environment. This kind of thermal bonding shield does not need to be maintained at all, and is waterproof, dustproof, oil-resistant and acid-resistant.
    The other is a sewing method, which is used in high-temperature working environments. Sewing with a special thread is durable and durable even under extreme loads. The PVC skeleton is sewn on each fold to reinforce the stable cover. There are multiple materials to choose from. The use of internal support materials increases the shape stability of the shroud, and the direct expression of this stability on the shroud is to ensure that the original shape can be restored.

    Performance All flexible organ-type shields can be used horizontally, vertically or horizontally to ensure smooth and noise-free operation. By using small thickness raw materials, it can be compressed to meet the requirements of the narrow working space of modern machinery. (Its stroke compression ratio can reach 10: 1)
    Its smooth surface, regular shape and beautiful appearance add infinite color to the overall shape of the machine. Therefore, while providing practical protection for your machine tool, it also adds more visual aesthetics to the machine tool and improves the overall value of the machine tool. The sliding properties of the shroud on the track can be improved by using special sliders. If the acceleration acting on the shield is relatively large, a synchronous device can be used to make the shield have a uniform stretch.
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