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    • Detailed introduction

    The armored machine tool protective cover is based on the flexible organ type protective cover, and the outer surface is added with stainless steel sheets, which can replace the position protection of the steel plate protective cover in a narrow space. Features. It can be divided into fixed and movable armored machine tool covers.

    Armor shield structure: The telescopic sheet is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel sheet, there is no bonding relationship. The material of the armor cover: three-proof cloth, nylon cloth, flame retardant cloth, high temperature resistant cloth, plastic cloth, rubber composite cloth, etc.

    Features of armor shield: The design of the armor shield can withstand the high temperature of + 900 ℃ caused by impact and hot debris. The stainless steel armor assembled on each folded surface has this function, they can swing or be fixed. Swinging armor is suitable for the protective cover: when the protective cover is in a compressed state, the helmet is forced to rotate outward 90 °. The protective cover that can be applied to fixed armor is: when the protective cover is in a compressed state, there is no obstacle so that these armors can maintain their original state. Due to the good adhesion between the preset armors, the shield's reliable protective layer resists a large amount of dust, sand, iron filings, etc.

    Use range of armor shield:

    Widely used for the protection of guide rails, beams, columns, etc. in the mechanical fields such as grinders, precision instruments, measuring instruments, CNC special machines, etc.

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