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    Machine tool cover Rectangular metal hose

    protecting mask

    • Detailed introduction
    Protected parts: Pipelines and cables Stretched length: Custom size (mm)
    Shield inner width: Custom size (mm) Height inside shield: Custom size (mm)
    Overall hood width: Customized (mm) Stroke length: Custom size (mm)
    Whether inventory: no style: Protective sleeve
    model: Qunhui Compressed length: Custom size (mm)
    Brand: Qunhui Rail width: 450 (mm)
    Rail height: 80 (mm) Applicable machine tools: Machining Center

    The rectangular metal hose adopts an all-metal structure. This product conforms to the JB / GQ058285 enterprise joint standard. It is suitable for various metal chip cutting machines and cutting machine tools to prevent hot iron chips from damaging your power supply and water vapor lines to protect labor safety.
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