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    protecting mask

    • Detailed introduction
    ◆ Suitable for the occasion of reciprocating motion, it can play the role of traction and protection for the built-in cables, oil pipes, gas pipes, water pipes, etc.
    ◆ Each section of the plastic towline can be opened for easy installation and maintenance. Low noise during exercise, wear-resistant, high-speed movement.
    Plastic drag chains have been widely used in CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, stone machinery, glass machinery, door and window machinery, injection molding machines, manipulators, lifting and transportation equipment, and automated warehouses.

    Rectangular aperture: 70 (mm) Unsupported length: Custom (mm)
    Load weight: 500 load capacity: 500
    size: custom made Maximum aperture of support plate: 100 (mm)
    Custom processing: Yes Material: 430 steel
    Whether inventory: Yes model: Various models
    Brand: QH Qunhui Applicable machine tools: Okay
    Whether wholesale: Yes
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