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    • Detailed introduction

    Design parameters of steel machine tool guide guard










    Stretched length


    Roller bearing width


    Compressed length


    Slider support width



    a °, b °

    Bow angle


    Rail width


    Expected number of sessions


    Protective cover total width


    Steel thickness

    User preselection


    Total protective cover height

    Mounting holes

    According to user requirements


    Rail side height

    Steel plate material



    User selected


    Guard height on rail

    Support form



    User selected


    Installation position height

    Supporting machine model


    Mounting plate height

    Order Unit


    Roller height

    Contact person


    1. As long as the user fills in the data and selected materials when ordering, our factory will design and manufacture them.
    2. If the user has special requirements on the type of shield, our factory can negotiate with the user to design to meet the requirements.
    3. Fill in one sheet for each protective cover. If the sample is not enough, you can copy and fill it.

    Sheet steel machine tool rail protective covers are the traditional form of protection for machine tools. In this field, the steel telescopic guide rail cover is widely used, which plays an effective role in preventing the entry of chips and other sharp objects. Through certain structural measures and suitable scraping plates, the cooling can also be effectively reduced. Infiltration of fluid. The steel telescopic guide guard of our factory can meet the increasing requirements of modern machine tools for high technology, correct installation position and high running speed.

    Steel plate protective cover is generally made of high-quality 2-3mm thick steel plate by cold pressing. Stainless steel can also be selected according to requirements. Our company can provide corresponding guide rail protection types for all machine tool types (horizontal, vertical, inclined, horizontal). . The number of sections of the steel shield is important for its proportion, weight, and operating characteristics.
    The number of sections of the steel telescopic rail shield is important for its proportion, weight and operating characteristics. Each single section should be as long as possible, which can reduce the number of sections and reduce costs. In general, the maximum stretch and minimum compression ratio should be between 3: 1 and 5: 1 (up to 10: 1). Depending on the running speed and the guide rail, the structure of the protective cover we developed is also different. Below 10m / min, we have a brass slider with polyurethane. It is equipped with rollers at a medium speed of 30m / min. In addition, a buffer system is needed between the driving plate, the scraping plate and the suction plate. If the running speed is higher, the two sides can discuss the special design. The purpose of the slider system is to reduce collision, noise and friction.

    Material of stainless steel shield:
    The real 1Cr13 stainless steel plate is used as the main material, and other connecting plates and follower hanging bars are made of stainless steel. It has the characteristics of large bearing capacity, corrosion resistance to acid and alkali, no rust, high temperature resistance, and long life.
    1. Hard objects do not deform when colliding, have long service life, good sealing, and light operation.
    2. Long stroke and small compression.
    3. Resistant to coolant, oil, water, acid, sand wheel foam and iron filings.
    4, sturdy and durable, stable operation, low noise, beautiful appearance.
    5, suitable for high-speed motion machine tool guide protection is both stable and no vibration noise.
    6. It not only protects the service life of the guard plate, but also ensures the precision of the machine tool.
    7. Each section of the guard plate is opened in parallel at the same time, and retracted in parallel at the same time, and runs freely.
    8. It will not make the guard plate disjointed, and there is impact sound, which is beautiful and improves the service life of the guard plate.
    9. A layer of stainless steel cover is added on the basis of the original sealing tape to prevent high-temperature burns of iron filings from rubbing into the rail surface to damage the guide rail.

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