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    • Detailed introduction
    The organ protective cover is called the organ type guide protective cover, which is widely used in CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, stone machinery, glass machinery, door and window machinery, injection molding machines, manipulators, lifting and transportation equipment, and automated warehouses. Its shape can be designed into various styles according to actual needs. Commonly used shapes are: five shapes, such as I-shaped, 7-shaped, U-shaped, square, round, etc. The size can be made according to actual needs. Its smooth surface, regular shape and beautiful appearance add infinite color to the overall shape of the machine. Therefore, while providing practical protection for your machine tool, it also adds more visual aesthetics to the machine tool and improves the overall value of the machine tool.
    The skeleton of the organ protective cover can be made of steel support skeleton, wood skeleton, PVC skeleton, cold plate skeleton, etc. The internal structure includes groove, roller, nylon slide, slider, tension bar, tension spring, nylon shaft, etc.
    Organ protective cover manufacturing process: cutting, freeze, heat sealing (adhesion), shaping, testing.
    The organ-type protective cover is a product series that can be arbitrarily combined. Its material, shape, processing method and size can be determined according to actual conditions.
    A basic part of the organ-type protective cover is a supporting PVC frame in each folder. This PVC frame can be closely connected to the external folding material through two different processing methods:
    1. Thermal bonding, at a certain temperature, with the help of special flux, the internal PVC skeleton can be firmly bonded with the external folding. This kind of shield is suitable for use in a medium temperature environment. This heat-bonded organ-type protective cover does not need to be maintained at all, and is waterproof, dustproof, oil-resistant, and acid-resistant.
    2. Sewing, using a special thread to stitch the PVC skeleton and the folds together. This shield is suitable for high temperature working environments.
    The organ shield with PVC skeleton has good shape stability. The direct expression of this stability is to ensure that the shield can return to its original shape. This is a clear advantage over general protective covers made of rubber and strong paper.
    The organ shield can be used for track protection. Special sliders can be used to reduce frictional resistance. If the acceleration on the shield is relatively large, a link device can be used to make the shield have a uniform stretch. In short, in our most professional organ shield field, we have corresponding solutions to technical problems.
    Flexible organ-type protective cover, commonly known as leather tiger. German nylon cloth for external use, with PVC board support inside, and the edges are protected by stainless steel plate. This kind of shield has the advantages of small compression and long stroke. It is resistant to oil, corrosion, and hard objects without deformation. It has the characteristics of long life, good sealing, stable walking, sturdy and durable, which brings perfect results to the use of machine tools. The bellows speed can reach 200m / min. The flexible organ-type protective cover produced by our company is a product series that can be arbitrarily combined. Its raw materials, shapes, processing methods and sizes can be determined according to actual conditions.
    Flexible organ-type protective cover is widely used on the lifting platform of automobile production assembly line, it can fully meet the requirements of its height and smooth operation. It is no exaggeration to say that as long as there is an area that needs protection, we can design and produce a protective cover for you!
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