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    • Detailed introduction
    In addition to protecting the machine tool and its guide rails and components, the machine tool cover should also play a role in improving the aesthetics of the machine tool. It can protect the safety of machine tool operators, protect the surface and guide rails of the machine tool from external iron chips, debris and chemicals from damage and erosion, thereby extending the service life of machine tools, especially precision CNC machine tools.
    There are many types of machine tool guards, two of which are often used on machine tool guides: organ type machine tool guide shields and steel machine tool guide shields;
    The organ type machine protective cover can be divided into flexible organ type protective cover and armor type organ protective cover. Such protective cover products can be installed according to the specific needs of customers, such as ribs, tension springs, pulleys and other devices to achieve better protection. And extend the life of the shroud.
    Steel plate protective cover can be divided into ordinary steel plate and stainless steel plate protective cover, the thickness generally ranges from 2mm to 3mm. We customize according to customer needs, and do not cut corners. In addition, according to actual needs, you can also install a synchronization device to reduce operating noise ,Extended service life.
    The screw cover used on the screw includes: round, square, and polygon. These types are divided into wire support and stitching according to the process. The neckline connection method can be divided into flange connection and ordinary connection. , The lining steel ring is divided into ordinary clamping process and special welding process;
    The rolling shutter cover is equipped with a powerful spring shaft, so it achieves the effect of automatic expansion and contraction. It is characterized by low noise and flexible installation positions. It is divided into box type and bracket type. The protective material can be divided into three anti-cloths. And stainless steel belt.
    Therefore, when you choose a product, you must choose the machine protection product that suits you best or consult our technicians before you buy!
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