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    • Detailed introduction
    The lead screw cover is also known as the lead screw sheath and lead screw sheath. It can effectively protect the lead screw, light screw, shaft, column and other parts from being contaminated and damaged by dust and other things. It can be extended with the parts. Or compression exercise, can be used vertically or horizontally. It is recommended to use a plastic or aluminum support ring when used horizontally, to maintain a certain uniform distance between the inner cavity of the shield and the screw rod to extend the service life. When the stretch length is large, a metal ring can be added to each fold to improve the stability of the shield. The connection or fixed end usually uses a metal flange, or a ferrule can be selected.
    Appearance: 1. Cylindrical. 2. Octagon. 3. Cone. 4. Polygon. 5. Square. 6. Oval material: Tri-proof cloth, frosted cloth, high temperature resistant cloth, special cloth, rubber cloth, special cloth, flame retardant cloth, asbestos cloth, canvas, black bright cloth, waterproof and oil proof cloth.
    Connection method: neckline butt, flange butt, neckline and flange can be divided into two forms according to the processing method, materials used and processing technology:
    One is a screw guard supported by a steel ring. This shield can use a variety of fabrics and is supported by a hard wire ring. It can work normally between minus 40 degrees Celsius and 110 degrees Celsius. Can effectively prevent dust, water, oil, anti-emulsions and chemicals. This shield has a neat shape and is not easy to deform. Based on its tightness and firmness, it can be used for ventilation and dust removal of many machinery. Its flexibility is not only in the choice of materials, but also in that it can determine the required diameter and length according to the specific requirements.
    The other is the sewing screw cover. The circular screw cover is made of stamped discs. The two inner edges and the two outer edges are sewn together. It can be better by sewing. The shape is stable and firm in the horizontal direction. There are many choices of materials according to the working environment.

    Features: completely leak-proof; can be bent arbitrarily; the diameter and length of the telescopic tube are not limited.
    Technical Description:
    Generally, the ratio of the length of the sheath after stretching to the thickness after shrinking is 100: 15, but it can also be processed to produce telescopic sheath products with larger or smaller ratios.
    Parameters required to customize the screw guard
    1. Stretch length of protective cover
    2. Compressed length of protective cover
    3. The inner diameter of the screw guard, and the inner diameter of the screw guard should be 10mm in addition to the screw diameter. If the outer diameter of the round screw guard is required, please note.
    4. Connections at both ends. There are two connection methods: neckline and flange connection.
    As long as you provide the above sizes, we will surely make a beautiful screw steel spiral protective cover for you:
    Performance and application: suitable for the protection of various types of precision machine tools such as CNC machine tools, machining centers, hydraulic pressure, various shaft systems, bars and ball screws. It not only has the functions of dust prevention, chip prevention, coolant prevention, etc. The normal accuracy of the machine tool prolongs the service life of the machine tool and increases the appearance.
    Structural features: This kind of protective cover adopts 65 Mongolian spring steel belt to be carburized by liquid to protect rolling screws, shafts and rods. The protective sleeve is contactlessly connected with the protected component through the centering flanges installed at the two ends of the protected component. The safety of the connection between the protective sleeve and the centering flange is achieved by its own pre-compression elasticity. Therefore, it operates stably, flexibly, and has a very low noise during work. Blue piece coordination. Can also be made according to user requirements.
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