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    • Detailed introduction
    Armor protective cover , also known as armor protective cover, is to add metal pieces to the outer surface of the flexible organ protective cover to make it have better protection performance. It can replace the position protection of the steel plate protective cover in a narrow space, which has the advantages of beautiful appearance, light weight, no noise, fast speed, high temperature resistance, etc. Can be divided into fixed and movable.
    Structure: The telescoping sheet is made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel sheet, there is no bonding relationship. The material of the armor cover: three-proof cloth, nylon cloth, flame retardant cloth, high temperature resistant cloth, plastic cloth, rubber composite cloth, etc.
    Features: The armored protective cover is designed to withstand high temperatures of + 900 ° C caused by impact and hot debris. They can be swung or fixed. Due to the good adhesion between the preset armors, the shield's reliable protective layer resists a large amount of dust, sand, iron filings, etc.

    Scope of application: It is widely used for guide rails, beams and columns in the field of machinery such as grinding machines, precision instruments, measuring instruments, and CNC special machines.
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