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    • Detailed introduction
    Armor protective cover, also known as armor protective cover, is to add a metal sheet to the outer surface of the flexible organ-type protective cover to make it have better protection performance. It can replace the position protection of the steel plate protective cover in a narrow space, which has the advantages of beautiful appearance, light weight, no noise, fast speed, high temperature resistance, etc. Can be divided into fixed and movable.
    Armor shield
    Structure: The telescoping sheet is made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel sheet, there is no bonding relationship. The material of the armor cover: three-proof cloth, nylon cloth, flame retardant cloth, high temperature resistant cloth, plastic cloth, rubber composite cloth, etc.
    Features: The armored protective cover is designed to withstand high temperatures of + 900 ° C caused by impact and hot debris. They can be swung or fixed. Due to the good adhesion between the preset armors, the shield's reliable protective layer resists a large amount of dust, sand, iron filings, etc.
    Scope of application: It is widely used in guide rails, beams, and columns of mechanical fields such as grinders, precision instruments, measuring instruments, and CNC special machines.
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