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    The organ protective cover is called the organ type guide protective cover, which is widely used in CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, stone machinery, glass machinery, door and window machinery, injection molding machines, manipulators, lifting and transportation equipment, and automated warehouses. 7 字型, U 字型,方形,圆形等五种形状,尺寸可以根据实际需要制作。 Its shape can be designed into various styles according to actual needs. Commonly used shapes are: five shapes, such as single-line, 7-line , U- shaped, square, round, etc. The size can be made according to actual needs. Its smooth surface, regular shape and beautiful appearance add infinite color to the overall shape of the machine. Therefore, while providing practical protection for your machine tool, it also adds more visual aesthetics to the machine tool and improves the overall value of the machine tool.

    PVC 骨架、冷板骨架等。 The skeleton of the organ protective cover can be made of steel support skeleton, wood skeleton, PVC skeleton, cold plate skeleton, etc. The internal structure includes groove, roller, nylon slide, slider, tension bar, tension spring, nylon shaft, etc.
    Flexible organ-type protective cover is widely used on the lifting platform of automobile production assembly line, it can fully meet the requirements of its height and smooth operation. It is no exaggeration to say that as long as there is an area that needs protection, we can design and produce a protective cover for you! 是在风琴防护罩的基础上改造而成,可以用在升降机上面,也可以用于医疗等其他方面。 The square protective cover is modified on the basis of the organ protective cover, which can be used on the elevator, and can also be used in other fields such as medical treatment. pvc 的支撑,制造时同时有热合和特殊胶粘接在一起的,尺寸可以按客户的要求定做,样式也是多种多样的。 His structure is the same as the organ protective cover, which is supported by PVC . It is also heat-sealed and bonded with special glue at the same time. The size can be customized according to customer requirements and the styles are various.


    First, the customized protective cover for the lifting platform requires the customer to provide the size of the upper and lower connection and the size of the part to be protected. We can design a reasonable and durable protective cover based on this.

    PVC 板支撑,边缘则用不锈钢板夹护。 Second, the protective cover for the lifting platform is a square organ protective cover, its basic structure: nylon cloth, plus PVC board support, the edges are protected by stainless steel plates.

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