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    • Detailed introduction
    Sheet steel machine tool rail protective covers are the traditional form of protection for machine tools. In this field, the steel telescopic guide rail cover is widely used, which plays an effective role in preventing the entry of chips and other sharp objects. Through certain structural measures and suitable scraping plates, it can also effectively reduce cooling Infiltration of fluid. The steel telescopic guide guard of our factory can meet the increasing requirements of modern machine tools for high technology, correct installation position and high running speed.

    Steel plate protective cover is generally made of high-quality 2-3mm thick steel plate by cold pressing. Stainless steel can also be selected according to requirements. Our company can provide corresponding guide rail protection types for all machine tool types (horizontal, vertical, inclined, horizontal). . The number of sections of the steel shield is important for its proportion, weight, and operating characteristics.
    The number of sections of the steel telescopic rail shield is important for its proportion, weight and operating characteristics. Each single section should be as long as possible, which can reduce the number of sections and reduce costs. In general, the maximum stretch and minimum compression ratio should be between 3: 1 and 5: 1 (up to 10: 1). Depending on the running speed and the guide rail, the structure of the protective cover we developed is also different. Below 10m / min, we have a brass slider with polyurethane. It is equipped with rollers at a medium speed of 30m / min. In addition, a buffer system is needed between the driving plate, the scraping plate and the suction plate. If the running speed is higher, the two sides can discuss the special design. The purpose of the slider system is to reduce collision, noise and friction.
    According to the movement method of the steel plate shield, it can be divided into two types:
    1. Drag type [the first piece is completely pulled apart and the second piece is dragged and moved], suitable for ordinary machine tools at speeds below 45M / MIN.
    2. Linkage type [Scissor-type connecting device is installed between two pieces to make it move evenly and quickly]. This structure is suitable for use on high-speed mobile equipment above 45M / MIN, and runs smoothly without vibration and low noise, which greatly increases the service life of the machine.
    Overview of high-speed linkage guard:
    The left and right two sets of protection are combined into one, so that the shield can move back and forth more smoothly and smoothly during movement;
    The protective structure can increase the protection moving speed to more than 100M / min;
    Suitable for X-axis and Y-axis linkage of horizontal chip machine and compound chip machine;
    Adopting the protection of this mechanism can obviously increase the service life of the machine tool.
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